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Revitol Scar Cream Reviews

Revitol Scar Cream claims to diminish the appearance of scars, whether they are caused by acne, burns, accidents or surgery so you can reduce and ultimately get rid of all those ugly scars naturally.  No longer will you have to hide beneath full clothes and thick make-up – show your real beauty with the help of the new Revitol scar removal cream.

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Revitol Scar Cream Specifications

Revitol is indeed an established name when it comes to skin care – including treatment for acne scars and keloid scar treatment. This product effectively removes scars with the help of the following ingredients:

– Hydroquinone – this ingredient is commonly used in various skin creams and lotions since it helps lighten dark spots;

– Retinol – vitamin A, in the form of Retinol, is necessary for skin renewal and hydration;

– Copper Peptide – to boost healing in the skin, this ingredient is added as it is an effective skin cell regenerator;

– Dimethylaminoethanol – this ingredient helps produce acetylcholine, which is essential for over-all body healing.

All these ingredients combined in appropriate amounts create a natural cream that works very well for those who want to know how to heal scars permanently.


How Revitol Scar Cream Works

Revitol-Scar-CreamThe proper combination of the aforementioned ingredients produced a highly effective product. The ingredients work together to get rid of old skin cells, heal damaged cells, regenerate new ones and then hydrate and lighten up the skin. This scar treatment penetrates deep within the layers, taking action at the very root of the problem. Hence, healing comes from the inside, making it effective and lasting and, perhaps, the best acne scar treatment on the market today.

Applying Revitol Scar Cream is simple. Take a small amount and rub it in circular motion on the affected area. Do this in five minutes or until the cream is fully absorbed by the skin.

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Real Consumer Feedback

I’ve had acne since I was 14 and built scars throughout the years. This cream has made my scars smaller and has evened out my skin tone. One jar lasted me almost 2 months and I noticed a difference after the first month. I just ordered another jar because it’s like the miracle cream. – Jenames, Amazon.com

It works. It lasts a while if you use it sparingly and you don’t even need that much to put on. Especially for acne scars are most embarrassing, they will eventually go away. Use this item 2-3 times a day..or breakfast and dinner times/and/or lunch time/mid day – Billy G, Amazon.com

This has been the best acne product I have EVER used, that includes prescription drugs such as acutane… Revitol works awesome,quick and easy to use, no product I tried has ever worked 100%, but this comes close :)dj2007, Amazon.com

Great product and happy they were offering alot less than other sellers. Super fast shipping and will order again. Thanks! :)C Alvarado, Amazon.com


Where to Buy Revitol Scar Cream

scar removal cream

It is always best to purchase a product from its main site. Visit Revitol.com to purchase Revitol Scar Cream and take advantage of the best offer. One jar of this scar cream costs $49.95. You can purchase 2 jars for $99.95 and you’ll take home one more for free. But if you buy three (3) jars for $149.95, you’ll get three (3) more for free! It’s available worldwide so visit the Revitol website to get the local offers.

>>Click Here – Revitol Scar Cream Website<<


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  1. avatar gugulethu says:

    hi im in south africa and i need revitol acne scars cream to buy pls give my the right contacts or email adres thnx

  2. avatar Revitol Reviews says:

    Hi there, you’re best off buying from the Revitol website direct – they deliver direct to South Africa.
    You may want to consider Revitol Scar Cream or Revitol Acnezine

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